The Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute (CGTI) empowers youth with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-free life. We hold two main conference throughout the year; our week-long CGTI Conference in July and our weekend-long Mid-Year conference in January. CGTI is one of the largest and most acclaimed leadership conferences in the nation! 

CGTI is open to all students entering 7th - 12th grade in the upcoming school year and Mid-Year is open to all current 6th - 12th grade students. All participants above who have graduated high school or at 18 and older are welcome to apply as Volunteer Staff.

Throughout both experiences, students will work to develop their leadership skills, learn about ATOD (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs) prevention, mental health, inclusivity and other critical and relevant topics, meet and work with other youth leaders from across the state, and more. At the core of our conferences is our Action Planning. Participants will meet with other students from their geographic area to assess and address needs in their schools and communities and develop action plans to implement throughout the school year.

Using the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), students will be able to create evidence-based and data-supported plans that create positive change and a lasting impact.

Participants should leave CGTI & Mid-Year with a toolbox of leadership, facilitation and communication skills as well as the knowledge, education and motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle, take healthy risks, prepare for their futures and be the catalysts for change wherever they go!


Focus is a statewide youth prevention program that provides students with many programming opportunities to build skills in advocacy, leadership, public speaking, and youth gambling prevention education.  These opportunities include the PhotoVoice Project, Alternative PhotoVoice Project, Messaging Campaign, Gift Responsibly Campaign, and Problem Gambling Awareness Month Campaign.  This program is for youth leaders who want a seat at the table, to share their own perspectives, and to use their voice. 

Gambling is very normalized in communities and many people think that’s not happening in their area but in reality it is hiding in plain sight.  See a new perspective of this issue by diving deeper with Focus and getting involved!  Students can be at the forefront of youth gambling prevention, which is an increasingly, rising issue that needs to be prevented today. You can learn more by clicking on the logo above.


Operation Snowball is an international youth program that empowers student leaders through prevention education, community advocacy, and leadership development to create a positive impact. Operation Snowball began in 1977 in Rockford, Illinois when participants of the Teen Institute came back to their community and thought, “We could do TI back home!” Thus, Operation Snowball was created.  The name originates from the idea that “If I have a positive impact on you, you can have a positive impact on someone else and the effect snowballs.”

Operation Snowball Teams are organized in schools and communities primarily in Illinois, but are also found in other states and internationally.